Levitra vs Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction or impotence is one of the common problems that men face in life. It is a condition wherein men find it difficult to achieve and sustain an erection, thus unable to indulge in their desired activity. There are many factors like stress, unhealthy eating habits, excessive smoking or drinking, high cholesterol and high blood pressure that causes impotency. The major cause can be classified into two and they are physical and psychological. There are many safe ED medications available in the recent times and one amongst them is Levitra. Levitra is the brand formulation of Vardenafil, the generic version is used in treating patients who are suffering from impotency. How does Levitra work? When a person is sexually aroused nitric oxide is released in the body. Levitra helps in relaxing the blood vessel walls thus increasing the flow of blood to the genital area. This activity enables a man to experience lasting erection during the sexual activity. Vardenafil can be taken 1 hour prior to the sexual activity with or without food. The onset time of its positive effects ranges between 30 to 40 minutes. This drug has a PDE-5 inhibitor which helps in treating erectile dysfunction.

How often can Levitra be taken?

The different dosages of Levitra are 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg. The most commonly used dosage strength is Levitra 20 mg, however, it is very important to consult the doctor before taking the pill. Doctors after analyzing the medical history and allergic reactions prescribe the appropriate dosage strength for an individual. Dosage strength of 10 mg can be taken at the initial stages and 20 mg is for those who couldn’t experience positive effects from 10 mg. Since the half-life period is just 4 to 5 hours, it does not mean that a man can take two doses in a day. The total time required for the drug to drain away from the system is 24 hours and only after that, you can take the other dose. Only one pill can be taken per day without exceeding the dosage.

What can I do to make the drug effective?

Vardenafil can be taken without food or with a light meal as it enables the drug to digest faster in the body. Just taking the pill does not have any effect on the person and sexual stimulation is very important for it. The environment around us has a great impact in the mind; the surroundings can be altered to enhance relaxation in a person. It is wise to abstain from taking alcohol or grape juice few hours before administering the pill. Consult with the healthcare provider regarding any drug interactions between the medications that a person is currently taking and Vardenafil.

Is there anything else that I should be aware of before taking the pill?

People with following medical ailments should consult the doctor before commencing the course of therapy

  • Individuals affected of heart-related diseases like heart attack, stroke
  • People with kidney disease and liver problems.
  • Individual taking any nitrate medicines
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Hearing or vision related problems
  • Seizures, stomach ulcers or any among the blood cell disorders

Is Levitra safe for health?

Purchasing the drug from a reputed online pharmacy is considered to be safe given the authentic nature of the pill. Especially e-pharmacies like Canadian pharmacy meds online follow strict rules when they source to get cheap generic levitra without prescription online from pharmaceutical companies. Increasing the dosage strength should not be done without seeking medical advice. Never overdose the drug thinking it would produce better effectiveness. Overdosing the drug leads to severe health complications.