How Often Can You Have Sex?

Many sex health advisers post elaborate content related to sexual health and relationships.  But no adviser will give you a direct answer with regard to how often can you have sex with your partner. Sex is guided by mutual consent. Couples must first agree when to have sex before dedicating their bodies. Sex was not intended to be demanded or to be withheld. If your partner doesn’t feel like having sex with you, you should respect their decision. If your partner feels like having sex with you, you should agree. Let it be something you look forward to instead of becoming something you dread.

Why Should You Have Sex in the First Place?

Sex brings a lot of fun to both parties involved. It enables them to enjoy themselves with the pleasures that comes with intimacy.

Sex rejuvenates couples, boosts immunity, reduces stress, improves prostate health in men and also helps to release endorphin hormones (feel good hormones).

Sex can make individuals  become more confident.

If you have sex with your partner regularly, your self esteem will increase significantly.

How Often Can You Have Sex?

Honestly, how often can you have sex depends on whenever you fell like having it. It is actually a forgone body exercise. Make sure you have it at least once a week. But make sure you are not pulled into it too much; you may get addicted. It is healthy to have sex on a regular basis, but if you lose yourself in the process you will forget yourself, your family and your daily activities. Balance and control is a must.

How to Rejuvenate Your Sexual Life

Eat a well balanced healthy diet and exercise. If you eat well and exercise regularly, you will still maintain a good health even if you get slightly addicted to sex.

Minimize stress that might undermine your desire to have sex. Stress or depression releases the stress hormone known as cortisol which inhibits the work of testosterone hormone.

Avoid spending too much time on social networking sites. Spend time instead with your partner whenever you feel like speaking to somebody.

Give your partner a deep hug whenever you are together with them. Hugging your partner will definitely improve your relationship and bring you closer not only physically, but emotionally as well.