Levitra vs Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction or impotence is one of the common problems that men face in life. It is a condition wherein men find it difficult to achieve and sustain an erection, thus unable to indulge in their desired activity. There are many factors like stress, unhealthy eating habits, excessive smoking or drinking, high cholesterol and high blood pressure that causes impotency. The major cause can be classified into two and they are physical and psychological. There are many safe ED medications available in the recent times and one amongst them is Levitra. Levitra is the brand formulation of Vardenafil, the generic version is used in treating patients who are suffering from impotency. How does Levitra work? When a person is sexually aroused nitric oxide is released in the body. Levitra helps in relaxing the blood vessel walls thus increasing the flow of blood to the genital area. This activity enables a man to experience lasting erection during the sexual activity. Vardenafil can be taken 1 hour prior to the sexual activity with or without food. The onset time of its positive effects ranges between 30 to 40 minutes. This drug has a PDE-5 inhibitor which helps in treating erectile dysfunction.

How often can Levitra be taken?

The different dosages of Levitra are 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg. The most commonly used dosage strength is Levitra 20 mg, however, it is very important to consult the doctor before taking the pill. Doctors after analyzing the medical history and allergic reactions prescribe the appropriate dosage strength for an individual. Dosage strength of 10 mg can be taken at the initial stages and 20 mg is for those who couldn’t experience positive effects from 10 mg. Since the half-life period is just 4 to 5 hours, it does not mean that a man can take two doses in a day. The total time required for the drug to drain away from the system is 24 hours and only after that, you can take the other dose. Only one pill can be taken per day without exceeding the dosage.

What can I do to make the drug effective?

Vardenafil can be taken without food or with a light meal as it enables the drug to digest faster in the body. Just taking the pill does not have any effect on the person and sexual stimulation is very important for it. The environment around us has a great impact in the mind; the surroundings can be altered to enhance relaxation in a person. It is wise to abstain from taking alcohol or grape juice few hours before administering the pill. Consult with the healthcare provider regarding any drug interactions between the medications that a person is currently taking and Vardenafil.

Is there anything else that I should be aware of before taking the pill?

People with following medical ailments should consult the doctor before commencing the course of therapy

  • Individuals affected of heart-related diseases like heart attack, stroke
  • People with kidney disease and liver problems.
  • Individual taking any nitrate medicines
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Hearing or vision related problems
  • Seizures, stomach ulcers or any among the blood cell disorders

Is Levitra safe for health?

Purchasing the drug from a reputed online pharmacy is considered to be safe given the authentic nature of the pill. Especially e-pharmacies like Canadian pharmacy meds online follow strict rules when they source to get cheap generic levitra without prescription online from pharmaceutical companies. Increasing the dosage strength should not be done without seeking medical advice. Never overdose the drug thinking it would produce better effectiveness. Overdosing the drug leads to severe health complications.

Infertility Statistics

It’s a constant struggle when a couple endures infertility problems. This is especially true when they see other couples with babies and start to wonder why this isn’t possible for them. However, this is a normal reaction and there are actually hundreds of thousands of others around the world going through the same issue.

Overall there are about 7.3 million women in the United States who have trouble having children. Keep in mind these women are in between the ages of 15 and 44, and most of them don’t even realize they have a problem until they’re ready to start a family. When you reach this obstacle, most couples begin to turn their focus to fertility treatments.

Even couples who look at others with children forget that the family they see in front of them could have gone through the same issues. Reaching back to 2002, 11.9% of women between the ages of 15-44 had infertility services. Another 6.1% had professional advice, and 5.5% received medical help to prevent a miscarriage. It’s also noted that 4.8% have undergone some sort of fertility testing.

When it came to ovulation drugs, 3.8% of women received them. However, only 1.1% utilized successful artificial insemination. One important and often overlooked area is impaired fecundity. This means that even though the woman could have problems becoming pregnant, she could also have issues carrying a baby to full term.

We all know that as women get older, the ability to keep a healthy supply of eggs diminishes. Just look at women between the ages of 35 and 39 who are childless: 15.2% have had some sort of infertility service. In between 30 and 34, the percentage rises to 17.9%, while for ages 15-29 the percentage drops down to 2.9%.

Those who are married and childless become infertile by specific ages. Around 27.4% become infertile in between 40 and 44 years of age. 22.6% become infertile in between 35 and 39, while the number drops to 16.9% between the ages of 30 and 34. Out of those who are younger than 30, 11% are infertile. However, just because these are factual statistics, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a child.

In-vitro fertilization (known as IVF) offers an effective fertility treatment for those in their thirties and above. In fact, the percentage of live births was 38%. Keep in mind as we age the number decreases, and by the time women reached 39, the percentage dropped to 22%. Once a woman is over 43 years. of age the percentage goes down to below 10% live births.

A solution with seemingly good results is using donor eggs. The good news is that women who used donated eggs from women younger than themselves, had a 45% success rate. This is a much better percentage than even women in their thirties, with their own eggs. While more difficult, it is still possible for a woman in her forties to have a newborn child.

How Often Can You Have Sex?

Many sex health advisers post elaborate content related to sexual health and relationships.  But no adviser will give you a direct answer with regard to how often can you have sex with your partner. Sex is guided by mutual consent. Couples must first agree when to have sex before dedicating their bodies. Sex was not intended to be demanded or to be withheld. If your partner doesn’t feel like having sex with you, you should respect their decision. If your partner feels like having sex with you, you should agree. Let it be something you look forward to instead of becoming something you dread.

Why Should You Have Sex in the First Place?

Sex brings a lot of fun to both parties involved. It enables them to enjoy themselves with the pleasures that comes with intimacy.

Sex rejuvenates couples, boosts immunity, reduces stress, improves prostate health in men and also helps to release endorphin hormones (feel good hormones).

Sex can make individuals  become more confident.

If you have sex with your partner regularly, your self esteem will increase significantly.

How Often Can You Have Sex?

Honestly, how often can you have sex depends on whenever you fell like having it. It is actually a forgone body exercise. Make sure you have it at least once a week. But make sure you are not pulled into it too much; you may get addicted. It is healthy to have sex on a regular basis, but if you lose yourself in the process you will forget yourself, your family and your daily activities. Balance and control is a must.

How to Rejuvenate Your Sexual Life

Eat a well balanced healthy diet and exercise. If you eat well and exercise regularly, you will still maintain a good health even if you get slightly addicted to sex.

Minimize stress that might undermine your desire to have sex. Stress or depression releases the stress hormone known as cortisol which inhibits the work of testosterone hormone.

Avoid spending too much time on social networking sites. Spend time instead with your partner whenever you feel like speaking to somebody.

Give your partner a deep hug whenever you are together with them. Hugging your partner will definitely improve your relationship and bring you closer not only physically, but emotionally as well.

Understanding the Impact of Excessive Weight in the Workplace

If you are currently working in a particular industry, you would understand that succeeding in your chosen career would be hugely dependent on your overall wellness. In fact, many companies are very much particular when it comes to the health of their employees.

However, it is certainly a given that maintaining optimum fitness cannot be under your control all the time. There are several factors that can negatively impact this aspect such as stress, pressure, and many internal and external elements.

As a way to cope with many forms of working difficulties, many workers end up gaining excessive weight. Some even come to the point of obesity. In fact, there is a growing number of small businesses and firms alike that are experiencing the repercussions of this particular condition.

According to studies, this problem has resulted to varying detriments that have greatly affected the workplace. Among these consequences include.

Rise in Illness Rates

Experts have observed that employees who are under the mentioned condition tend to acquire different ailments more often compared to those with normal body mass. Thus, many of them end up being absent from work or taking consecutive leaves.

Increase in Insurance Premium Claims

Given the fact that overweight workers have the tendency to get ill on a greater frequency, the costs of health insurance claims have also risen. This eats up a huge portion of the company finances which, in effect, also affects the general operational costs.

Lowering Down of Productivity

Because of the rise in absence rates, the production output is greatly affected. Some tasks do not get completed prior or on the target dates and other projects end up being sacrificed. As a result, returns and revenues also get pulled down.

While these detriments can indeed become a burden to many establishments, this does not mean that overweight employees can now be tagged as major deficits. Instead, employers should work harder in providing these workers with more wellness programs.

Also, the needed weight loss can be realised through a UK gastric band. This powerful tool is an inflatable silicone device which is placed around the top section of the stomach in order to treat obesity.

In order to get this done, a restrictive surgery should be carried out. By investing in this particular treatment, weight can be effectively controlled. Thus, giving a particular employee a chance to improve job performance and lead better life.

Powerful Natural Fertility Enhancers

You can’t think about your fertility as something separate from your general health. In fact, it is always important to check yourself with this question, “Am I fertile?” It is only logical that a healthy body will have no problem or at least have lesser difficulties in conceiving. While there are medical techniques that have been developed to address infertility, never forget that you also have the option of trying out natural fertility enhancers.

Improving general health

In most trying to conceive tips that promote natural methods, diet is always mentioned as a major health factor. Quality should be your primary consideration when choosing the right food to eat and this basically means that the food should as much as possible be organically produced. Typical or non-organic fruits and vegetables come from plantations that heavily use herbicides and pesticides, while livestock are given doses of antibiotics and hormones. When you consume such products, you also take into your body trace amounts of those artificial substances. Imagine what that can do to your health and fertility. Our habits also affect health and fertility. Coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes are the three most frequently identified culprits. If you’re serious about conceiving, quit these habits months ahead of your targeted pregnancy date to give your body time to recuperate.

Improving reproductive health

While any natural or organic produce can improve your health in general, there are types of food that can more specifically enhance your fertility. Going on a fertility diet involves supplementing what should already be a regular healthy diet with these fertility enhancers.

Fruit and vegetables. Folic acid also known as Vitamin B9 is a nutrient that can increase sperm count and aid ovulation because it is mainly used by our bodies for tissue growth. This substance in fact is a consistent part of pre-natal prescriptions. Some examples of high-folate fruits and vegetables are papaya and asparagus. ‘Super fruits and vegetables’. They are called so because of their exceptionally high and all-around nutritional value. The goji berry and maca root are said to be prime examples that are often included in a fertility diet. They both increase energy and libido, and normalize hormone production. Maca specifically improves sperm production and motility.

Bee products. Royal jelly is the nutrient substance that makes queen bees constantly reproductive. It is said to enhance quality of both human sperm and eggs. Other bee-derived foods that can naturally develop fertility are bee pollen and bee propolis. Take note that bee products can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Infertility and natural remedies

There are various causes for infertility and treatment can range from simply taking particular types of medication to more invasive techniques. The natural approach usually involves preparation and use of herbs. The following are some herbal remedies for infertility in men and women.

Men. Male infertility is often due to low sperm count and poor sperm motility. One of the most widely used herbal remedy for this is ginseng. There are Asian, Siberian and Indian varieties of ginseng. The most common method of preparation and use is boiling it in clean water and then drinking the resulting tea. Another herb that enhances sperm motility is astragalus. Pumpkin seeds which are rich in fatty acids and zinc generally aid the proper functioning of the male reproductive system.

Women. A common underlying cause of female infertility is an imbalance in hormone production. The herbal remedies for infertility in women are often the types that can help regulate the glands and thus achieve hormonal balance, and promote regular pain-free menstrual cycles. Sweet fennel for example helps relieve cramps and other symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome. Lemon balm on the other hand is said to have a normalizing effect on the thyroid gland.

Too Much Working Is Bad for Your Health

Are you always the last one to leave the office? Are you the one who often picks up an extra shift? While you may see their benefits on your monthly pay check, those extra hours at work may take a toll on your overall health. In this article, we will explore the reasons why there is a need to take it slow when it comes to your job.

Staying seated for a long time leads to a host of health problems. Most jobs these days require you to be glued on your chair for almost the entire day. Well, did you know that this sedentary activity is not all good? Studies have proven that too sitting too long and too much is linked to a host of health concerns such as cancer, obesity, heart attack, diabetes, and worse, death.

Consider this:

Get up and stretch every once in a while. Do physical activities during the weekends such as running, swimming, and then recover through Pilates and Yoga. Eat a healthy diet especially foods that are rich in Vitamin C.

Overworking may cause depression. A research study found that people who work more than ten hours are susceptible to depression compared to those who clock in for seven to eight hours a day. Working longer than that also mean less time is spent with your loved ones and yourself, to do workouts, and eat healthy.

Consider this:

If you are feeling too stressed and depressed about your job, you may enrol in a programme for a holistic rehab. Spend quality time with yourself in a wellness centre. The term rehab may give you pause, but take a look into the gravity of your health concerns and how such activity can help you get back on the road to a healthy lifestyle.

Working too much with computers cause eye problems. Almost 90% of workers who use the computers at work are cited to experience vision symptoms such as eye strain, blurred vision, headaches, migraines, and dry eyes. Similar problems were found on people whose jobs require them to drive for long hours.

Consider this:

Look at something green or far every 20 minutes and rest your eyes. Use eyeglasses with anti-radiation lenses. At home, relax your eyes by not watching too much television or reading. Avoid using your laptop and spend less time using hand-held devices. Remember that health will always be your one true wealth!